Mayu Iwatani Dethrones Mercedes Moné as IWGP Women’s Champion

 Mayu Iwatani Dethrones Mercedes Moné as IWGP Women’s Champion. Mayu Iwatani defeats Mercedes Moné to become New IWGP women’s champion .

In a stunning upset, Mayu Iwatani defeated Mercedes Moné to become the new IWGP Women’s Champion at STARDOM: ALL STAR GRAND QUEENDOM, the biggest women’s wrestling event in Japan in decades. The match was a clash of styles and personalities, as the arrogant and flashy Moné faced the humble and resilient Iwatani, who is widely regarded as Icon of STARDOM”.

Moné, who is also known as Sasha Banks from her WWE days, had won the IWGP Women’s Championship in February at NJPW’s BATTLE IN THE VALLEY event in San José, California, where she defeated KAIRI (formerly Kairi Sane). She had successfully defended the title once at NJPW’s SAKURA GENESIS 2023, where she beat AZM and Hazuki in a triple threat match. Moné had been on a world tour since leaving WWE last year, and had made a huge impact in Japan with her charisma and skills.

Iwatani, on the other hand, had been a loyal and loyal star of STARDOM, the leading women’s wrestling promotion in Japan that is owned by NJPW’s parent company Bushiroad. She had been a multiple-time champion in STARDOM, and had also competed in ROH and AEW in the past. She had earned the right to challenge Moné for the IWGP Women’s Championship by winning a tournament at STARDOM’s 10th Anniversary show in March.

The match between Moné and Iwatani was intense and competitive, with both women giving their best to prove themselves as the top female wrestler in Japan. Moné used her speed and agility to counter Iwatani’s power and technique, and also taunted and trash-talked her opponent throughout the match. Iwatani showed her fighting spirit and determination, and also displayed some innovative moves that caught Moné off guard. The match reached its climax when Moné hit her signature move, the Moné Maker (a double knee facebreaker), but Iwatani managed to reach the ropes to break the pin. Iwatani then rallied back with a Moonsault Press, followed by a Dragon Suplex that secured her the victory and the title.

After the match, Moné showed respect to Iwatani and praised her as “The Icon of STARDOM”. She also thanked the fans for their support and said that she was not done with Japan yet. She announced that she would be appearing at NJPW’s RESURGENCE event in Long Beach, California on May 21st, where she would demand a rematch with Iwatani for the IWGP Women’s Championship. She also hinted that she might have some surprises in store for her fans.

With this win, Iwatani became the third IWGP Women’s Champion in history, following KAIRI and Moné. She also made history as the first woman to hold both the World of STARDOM Championship (STARDOM’s top title) and the IWGP Women’s Championship at the same time. She vowed to defend both titles with pride and honor and to represent STARDOM and NJPW on a global stage.

This match was one of the highlights of STARDOM: ALL STAR GRAND QUEENDOM, which featured several other title changes and memorable moments. The event was a showcase of the talent and diversity of women’s wrestling in Japan, and also a celebration of STARDOM’s 10th anniversary. It was also a testament to the growing collaboration between STARDOM and NJPW, which has opened up new opportunities and challenges for both promotions.

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