Watch Jinder Mahal challenge The Rock for a match

Former WWE champion Jinder Mahal issued a challenge to the People’s Champion “The Rock” for a match. The Rock made a surprise entrance on WWE Raw Day 1 and interrupted the Modern Day Maharaja. The Rock destroyed Jinder Mahal on the mic and gave him a spinebuster and his signature move. You can check out The Rock and Jinder Mahal Full Segment here.

In a recent interview with Sony Sports Network, former WWE champion Jinder Mahal challenged The Rock to come to India and step in the ring with him anytime. Mahal said he choked The Rock’s confidence even though the whole crowd was behind him. Here is what Jinder said (you can check the video clip below):

“I had his confidence choked. I could see the look in his eyes. You know, I am the Modern Day Maharaja, he may be The People’s Champion, they were cheering him on. For someone who had no respect from the crowd, I think I did really well. I want to issue a challenge to The Rock. Anytime in India, you can step into the ring with The Modern Day Maharaja,” H/T Sportskeeda.

What are your thoughts on Jinder Mahal’s challenge to The Rock? While wrestling fans are expecting The Rock to face the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania 40, can we see The Rock vs Jinder Mahal before the Brahma Bull’s rumored match with his cousin?