Watch Full Segment The Rock & Pat McAfee vs Austin Theory

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The Rock and Pat McAfee Return to WWE SmackDown, Confront Austin Theory. You can watch the full Segment The Rock & Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory below. 

WWE SmackDown fans were in for a treat on September 15, 2023, as two of the most popular personalities in the wrestling world made their surprise returns. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Pat McAfee showed up on the blue brand, where they had a heated confrontation with Austin Theory.

The show started with Pat McAfee making his comeback after WrestleMania 39. He was greeted by a loud ovation from the crowd, but his celebration was cut short by Austin Theory, who mocked McAfee for being a washed-up wrestler and a failed talk show host and told him to go back to his show and cry.

McAfee fired back, saying that Theory was no longer the owner of the ring, and said it’s people’s show you know what it means? That’s when The Rock’s music hit, and the crowd went wild. The Rock made his way to the ring, where he exchanged words with Theory. The Rock insulted Theory’s appearance, skills, and attitude, and got the fans to chant “Asshole” at him.

The verbal exchange soon turned physical, as The Rock and Theory traded punches. The Rock got the upper hand, and hit Theory with his signature move, the People’s Elbow. McAfee joined in on the fun and delivered another People’s Elbow to Theory. The Rock and McAfee then celebrated together, raising their arms in victory.

But that was not the end of The Rock’s appearance. He also had a backstage segment, where he met another WWE legend, John Cena. The two former rivals had a friendly chat, They ended their conversation with a hug, showing their mutual respect and admiration.

The Rock and Pat McAfee’s return to WWE SmackDown was a memorable moment for the fans, who witnessed two of the most charismatic and entertaining stars in wrestling history. Their interaction with Austin Theory was hilarious and exciting, and their reunion with John Cena was touching and heartwarming. It was a night to remember for WWE SmackDown.