Watch Full Segment Roman Reigns vs. John Cena & LA Knight SmackDown October 13, 2023

WWE Friday Night SmackDown started with John Cena greeting the fans and celebrating the new season of SmackDown. But his party was crashed by Roman Reigns, who came out with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa, but without Jimmy Uso, who had been missing for two months.

You can Watch the Full Segment Roman Reigns vs. LA Knight & John Cena SmackDown October 13, 2023, below. 

WWE SmackDown Full Highlights October 13, 2023

Roman Reigns spoke to the crowd with his usual arrogance, insulting Cena and calling him a “coward.” He said Cena ran away from him during his reign and came back pretending to be the best ever. He told Cena to back off or face the wrath of the champion.

Cena, always ready to entertain, had a surprise for Reigns. Instead of fighting him, he brought out someone who he thought deserved a shot at Reigns—LA Knight. Knight grabbed the mic from Cena and taunted Reigns, saying he was scared of facing a real challenger. He said Reigns was not a true champion but just an obstacle in his way.

Reigns laughed at Knight’s boldness, saying he had only been on SmackDown for a few months and now everyone praised him. He told Knight he was not in his league and had nothing to show for it. Knight did not back down and mentioned his achievements on SmackDown, but he was attacked by Jimmy Uso.

Knight fought back and took out Jimmy Uso. He then confronted Reigns again, but Reigns walked away, leaving Solo Sikoa to deal with Knight later that night.

The stage is set for an explosive showdown as LA Knight faces Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title. Will Knight prove his worth or will Reigns remain the undisputed king of WWE? Find out in this exciting episode of SmackDown’s new season.

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