Watch Full Segment Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso Jey Uso WWE SmackDown August 11, 2023

The WWE Universe witnessed a shocking turn of events on Friday Night SmackDown, as Jey Uso Superkicked both Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso, and announced that he was quitting the bloodline and WWE. You can watch full segment below.

This came after Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso in a brutal tribal combat match at SummerSlam 2023, where Jimmy Uso interfered and cost Jey the victory. Jimmy pulled Jey off Roman when he was about to pin him, and then delivered a superkick to his brother.

Jimmy explained his actions on SmackDown, saying that he betrayed Jey because he loved him and did not want to lose him to the power of being the tribal chief. He said that he wanted nothing from Roman, and offered his face to Jey for revenge. Jey did not take the bait and walked away from Jimmy.

Roman then mocked Jey and demanded him to acknowledge him as the head of the table. Jey responded with a superkick to Roman’s face, stunning the Universal Champion. Solo Sikoa, Roman’s cousin and ally, tried to attack Jey, but Jey fought him off as well. Jey then went back to Jimmy and delivered a superkick to Jimmy.¬†

Jey then grabbed a microphone and said that he was leaving WWE and the bloodline, as he had enough of Roman’s tyranny and Jimmy’s betrayal. He then left through the crowd, as the fans cheered him on.

What do you think of Jey’s shocking decision? Is he leaving WWE, or is it part of a bigger plan? Do you want to see the twins wrestle each other, or do you think Jey still has unfinished business with Roman Reigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.