Watch Full Match Jey Uso vs Ilja Dragunov WWE Raw May 13, 2024

Watch Full Match Jey Uso vs Ilja Dragunov WWE Raw. Jey Uso Edges Out Ilja Dragunov in a Brutal King of the Ring Battle! In the main event of this week’s Raw (May 13th, 2024), Jey Uso collided with the hard-hitting Ilja Dragunov in a quarterfinal matchup for the King of the Ring tournament, kicking off the road to the finals in Saudi Arabia on May 25th at the King and Queen of the Ring premium live event!

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Full Match Jey Uso vs Ilja Dragunov

Early Onslaught Sets the Tone

The match wasted no time getting heated. Dragunov, known for his unrelenting aggression, quickly took control, overpowering Uso in the opening moments. The fearless Russian even attempted a high-flying maneuver, but the crafty Uso countered, sending him crashing to the ringside. Jey wasn’t done there, following up with a daring suicide dive that took the fight outside the ring and set the tone for a brutal encounter.

Tables Turned: From Predator to Prey

Uso looked to capitalize early, hoisting Dragunov onto his shoulders. However, the resilient Russian proved his toughness with a thunderous knee to Jey’s face. Sensing an opportunity, Dragunov cleared the announce table and positioned Uso for a devastating H-Bomb. But in a display of incredible agility, Uso dodged the attack at the last second, leaving Dragunov’s arm to smash through the announce table in a sickening thud!

Trading Blows and Technical Mastery

As the action headed to a commercial break, both Superstars were left sprawled on the wreckage, the intensity of the competition clearly taking its toll. When we returned, the atmosphere remained electric. Dragunov locked in a punishing submission hold, forcing Uso to scramble for an escape. Back on their feet, they engaged in a dazzling display of technical mastery, trading blows with pinpoint precision. Jey stunned Dragunov with a spinning kick before attempting his signature Running Umaga, but Dragunov countered with a well-timed boot, showcasing his impressive ring awareness.

Close Calls and Desperation

The fight intensified as Dragunov unleashed a relentless assault on Uso in the corner. Jey, fueled by desperation, rallied with a stunning sequence of superkicks, nearly stealing the win! However, Dragunov wouldn’t be denied. He countered a potential spear with a knee strike, followed by a powerful powerbomb and his signature H-Bomb! Yet, the fighting spirit of Jey Uso was on full display as he kicked out at the two-count, refusing to be put away.

Unexpected Victory and a Looming Threat

With momentum seemingly shifting, Dragunov prepared for his finishing maneuver. But Jey Uso, ever the opportunist, cut him off with a well-timed spear, followed by his devastating Uso Splash for the hard-fought victory! As a defeated but determined Dragunov looked on, a menacing figure emerged on the ramp –– Gunther! The dominant Austrian stared down Jey, his next opponent in the King of the Ring tournament, casting a long shadow over Uso’s victory celebration.

With this intense encounter, another thrilling chapter closes on Monday Night Raw. Jey Uso advances, but the road to becoming King remains fraught with danger. Can he overcome the imposing Gunther next week? Tune in to find out! You can also check out Cody Rhodes vs Logan Paul Full Segment from last week’s WWE Raw here.

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