Roman Reigns issues a warning to The Rock and John Cena- wrestling unseen

Roman Reigns issues a warning to The Rock and John Cena Roman Reigns thinks the Rock and John Cena should keep making movies and not return to WWE He advises them not to return to WWE because now he would be a problem.

Roman Reigns is the man of the moment in WWE and his current character is setting the company’s tempos. In recent days it has been rumored that John Cena could be his opponent at SummerSlam and there was even speculation about the Dream Match between The Tribal Chief and The Rock in the next edition of WrestleMania. Roman Reigns knows that fans want to see that and recently spoke about it.

In an interview for SportsNation, Roman Reigns acknowledged being aware of everything that is happening in the WWE Universe, but warned John Cena and The Rock not to mix in their affairs and advised them to stay on set doing more films.


“That’s a dream for a lot of our fans,” Roman Reigns commented on the option of facing The Rock or John Cena. “I get it a lot with Dwayne and John Cena too. These guys are doing great on their own, there’s no question about it. If I were them, I don’t know if I’d want to come back and deal with me. Right now I’m everyone’s problem If I were them, I’d stay on set. I’d keep shooting those streaming movies. Don’t come to my ring. ”

Roman Reigns is scheduled to defend the Universal Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell next Sunday, June 20. The two are scheduled to have one last confrontation this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

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