Rikishi Offers to Help Straighten Out The Bloodline and Make WWE Return

Rikishi Offers to Help Straighten Out The Bloodline and Make WWE Return. The current storyline of The Bloodline is one of the most captivating in WWE, with Roman Reigns’ faction wreaking havoc on the WWE roster for two years.

However, now, the cracks are starting to show from WWE Elimination Chamber. This week on SmackDown we saw Roman Reigns is now running out of patience but Rikishi, the Usos’ father, is offering his assistance to sort out the issues.



During a recent episode of the Road Trip After Hours podcast, Rikishi talked about The Bloodline’s current situation, noting that they could use his help to “straighten” things out. He believes that he should be added to the mix as he is the real father and can help with the crisis that the kids are currently experiencing.

Rikishi was released from his WWE contract in 2004, Rikishi retired from in-ring competition in 2007. In 2015, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, with his sons, The Usos, giving his introduction speech.

As The Bloodline continues its journey to WrestleMania, with Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn in their way and the faction splintering, it remains to be seen who they might call on to help them out. However, with Rikishi offering his assistance, it will be interesting to see if he makes a return to WWE and helps to straighten out The Bloodline.