Report: WWE Considering Logan Paul to Win Money in the Bank 2023

The WWE Money in the Bank 2023 premium live event is just a few days away, and the WWE Universe is more excited than ever for the event.

Fans are hoping that fan-favorite LA Knight will win the MITB briefcase, but a recent report may disappoint them as it suggests that some within WWE are considering giving the win to Logan Paul, according to a recent report from WRKD Wrestling.

The report claims that certain WWE officials are pitching the idea of having Logan Paul, the YouTube star who was added to the men’s ladder match last week on Raw, win the MITB briefcase.

The reasoning behind this pitch is that Paul holding the briefcase would generate publicity and attract more attention to the company, given his massive social media following.

“While LA Knight and Damien Priest are currently the favorites to win the upcoming Money In The Bank match, there have been internal pitches to give the win to Logan Paul. Some believe that Paul holding the briefcase would bring publicity and increased visibility to the company.”

However, this idea may not sit well with many WWE fans, who are rooting for LA Knight or Damien Priest to win the ladder match. Both Knight and Priest have been impressive and have earned the respect of the WWE Universe.

They are seen as deserving and credible contenders for a future title shot, unlike Paul, who is an outsider and a part-timer.

What do you think? Who should win the MITB ladder match, and how do you think fans will react if WWE decides to go with Logan Paul?

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to watch WWE Money in the Bank 2023 live on Peacock in the US and WWE Network everywhere else this Saturday at 3 ET/12 PT.