Matt Riddle saves Sami Zayn from The Usos WWE SmackDown April 7, 2023

In the main event of the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Matt Riddle came to the rescue of Sami Zayn, who was getting beaten down by Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa.

Zayn had been hoping to take on Uso solo, but it quickly became apparent that he was no match for both Uso and Sikoa together.

Earlier in the night, Paul Heyman had warned Sikoa to be ready to fix Uso’s mistakes, and it became clear that Uso was relying on Sikoa to help him win. Kevin Owens had encouraged Zayn to take on Uso and end their rivalry once and for all, but Zayn was hesitant and wanted to talk to Uso instead. However, before the match, Sikoa attacked Owens backstage, leaving Zayn without his backup.

During the match, Uso and Sikoa worked together to take down Zayn, with Sikoa hitting him with the Samoan Spike and Uso closing the match with a flying Superkick & wins the match against Sami Zayn

After the match, Sikoa continued to beat down Zayn until Uso finally intervened – but only to set up another Superkick.

That’s when Riddle made his surprise return, running to the ring to save Zayn from the beating. It was a thrilling moment for fans and one that showcased Riddle’s heroism and bravery. Zayn may not have been able to take on Uso and Sikoa alone, but with Riddle by his side, he had a fighting chance.

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