CM Punk Apologizes to Tony Khan for Controversial Comments at All Out Media Scrum

CM Punk, the former AEW world champion, issued an apology to Tony Khan, the president of AEW, for his controversial remarks during the All Out media scrum last year. In an exclusive interview with ESPN.

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CM Punk addressed the allegations made by Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite, where he was accused of attempting to get Colt Cabana fired from AEW and being involved in the Brawl Out incident that resulted in the suspension and title-stripping of Punk and The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks).

Denial of Allegations:

CM Punk strongly denied these claims, stating that he had no personal connection with Cabana and that he never approached Khan to remove anyone from their position. However, sources indicate that some individuals within the company, including members of The Elite, believe that Punk did indeed make such requests. Page displayed enough confidence in his accusations to mention them unexpectedly on television.

“Punk said that he has no relationship with Cabana, but he “never” asked Khan to take Cabana’s or anyone else’s job. However, others in the company, including the Elite, believe Punk did indeed do that, according to sources. Page was evidently confident enough to bring it up unexpectedly on television.”

Regret and Apology:

Expressing his frustration and anger during the media scrum, CM Punk acknowledged that he mishandled the situation. He expressed remorse for putting Khan in a difficult position and extended a sincere apology to him. Furthermore, Punk stated his willingness to engage in a conversation with all parties involved, though such a discussion has yet to take place.

Future Outlook:

As anticipation builds for Punk’s return to AEW on June 17, which coincides with the premiere episode of AEW Collision, the evolution of his relationship with Khan and The Elite remains uncertain. Fans eagerly await the unfolding developments in this intriguing chapter of AEW history.


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