Ariel Helwani denied the news of WWE’s Saudi Arabia deal and provides new information.

Ariel Helwani denied the news of WWE’s Saudi Arabia deal and provides new information. Jon Alba also confirmed the same he wrote

“Well, finally got something much more firm.

A high-ranking #WWE source with knowledge of the situation tells me reports of a sale or agreement to sell at this moment are “completely false.”

Ariel Helwani and Brandon Thurston deny the reports stating WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s investment fund and indicate that WWE continues to assess options for their future.

Ariel Helwani a journalist of BT Sports shares an update on the news circulating on Social media about WWE’s potential sale to Saudi Arabia Ariel wrote

“Contrary to reports stating otherwise last night, there is no deal in place at this precise moment for WWE to be sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund or any entity, sources say. The organization is still exploring all options, I’m told. Developing”.

Brandon Thurston, a Wrestlenomics journalist, supported the news of Helwani & reports

“I asked someone in WWE, who would know about the matter, who told me that the story that took over Twitter last night, about WWE and Saudi Arabia is close to an agreement to take the company private, is not true. 

Last morning several news were confirmed regarding the future of WWE.  The company announced the return of Vince McMahon to the WWE presidency to the detriment of Stephanie McMahon, who left the position of chairman.

In turn, some media, led by information from Cassidy Hayes of, indicated that WWE was close to closing a sales agreement with an investment fund from Saudi Arabia.

The news had a great effect on social networks, with several journalists contradicting information.  Wrestling Observer joined the Bodyslam variant, confirming that Vince McMahon began negotiating the deal with the Saudis after his retirement announcement in July.

However, other journalists such as Sean Ross Sapp or Jon Alba questioned this information, claiming that a sale of these characteristics would not leak into the specialized press in the first instance.